ModFest: Singularity is a Minecraft modding event that will run from Saturday, August 13th thru Sunday, August 21st, 2022.

As always, ModFest is a great excuse to try something new or flex your modding abilities. ModFest: Singularity is hosted in partnership with Quilt and Modrinth.


For ModFest: Singularity, your mod must only have ONE feature. Focus all of your effort throughout the week into polishing and perfecting one feature into the best you can do. What counts as one feature may be fuzzy; if you can convince the organizers it's one feature, then it's a valid submission.


  • Mods must only have one feature (see Theme section above)
  • Mods must be compatible with the Quilt mod loader and Minecraft 1.19.2
  • Mods cannot cause serious compatibility issues with other submissions
  • Mods must be created between the beginning of August 13th UTC and the end of August 21st UTC.
  • Mods must be submitted via a public or unlisted project on Modrinth.


In order to participate in ModFest: Singularity, join our Discord server and use the /register command or click the button in the #welcome channel.