Welcome to MiniFest: FallFest 1.16 from ModFest!

FallFest 1.16 is a modding event that will run from Thursday, October 1st thru Thursday, October 15th, 2020. Like all ModFest modding events, FallFest is a great excuse to try something new, practice your modding abilities, get starting on a new mod you've been thinking about, or any other reason to make a mod.

ModFest regularly runs modding events for each major Minecraft version, but 'MiniFest' events are slightly different. While the main ModFest modding events are open enough to allow essentially any mod in that follows the rules, MiniFest events require you to meet additional criteria, usually revolving around a specific theme. This time around, the theme is Fall/Halloween.

FallFest will be much more display-oriented than previous ModFest events. The showcase server will have the theme of a fall/Halloween festival, and players can participate in fun minigames, events, and battles, while finding collectibles, hanging out, and getting lost in mazes. While ModFest's end goal has always been about creating more mods, we would ask that for this one, you also consider how your mod could be used to make the FallFest showcase server a fun place to play on. Consider mechanics for minigames and other things that players could interact with when on the server.

Time until you must stop coding:

Entry requirements:

  • Runs on Minecraft 1.16.3 with Fabric Loader.
  • Cannot cause massive compatibility issues with other entries
    • No mods that drastically alter core gameplay. Do not modify any essential game mechanics in a way that makes them harder or annoying to use (no backwards controls, funny crashes, upside down menus, chat-based nausea, inverse terrain generation, or other things in the same category).
  • Mods must be created for this event in the allotted time period. This begins on the first second of October 1st UTC, and ends on the very last second of October 15th UTC.
  • Use of one of the themes is required. Not doing so will result in disqualification. Themes are listed below.
  • All team members must be present in the ModFest Discord Server
  • Using pre-created libraries, assets, or code is fine if they were not made specifically for your entry. The following are some acceptable use cases (but not all):
    • Using a library you or someone else made as long as it wasn't made with the intention of using it for your ModFest entry
    • Using public domain assets or assets you made in the past that were not made specifically for your ModFest entry
    • Using open source code (of yours or someone else) that was not made specifically for your ModFest entry
  • Nothing offensive or harrasive. This should go without saying: if it makes fun of someone, is deemed offensive by the council, or crashes when somebody with a certain UUID joins the game, it is out.

You can work:

  • By yourself
  • With a team of your choosing (max team size of 4)


  • Fall/Autumn
  • Halloween/Spooky
  • Server Utilities—i.e. utilities for boss arenas, modifiable spawners, mechanics for mazes, server welcome messages, etc.


ModFest awards are just for fun and ModFest is not a highly competitive event. The ultimate goal of the event is simple: to make mods and have a good time doing it. If you stress about the awards the whole time, you probably won't have as much fun.

Mod ideas:

“What kind of mod should I make,” you ask? Here are a few simple ideas to get you started (just try not to make the same mod as someone else):

  • Add orange & red hues to trees in the Fall
  • Tech/magic mod centered around little ghost that float around doing your bidding
  • Pumpkin carving! After you finish, you can wear your Carved Pumpkin to show it off.
  • Biome mod that adds themed biomes like Pumpkin Plains, Ghostly Graveyard, and Autumn Forest
  • Add a large number of Pumpkin-themed food options such as flavored Pumpkin Pie, Baked Pumpkin Seeds, Pumpkin-flavored candy, and Pumpkin Waffles
  • Add in Halloween/Fall themed bosses, such as the Soul Reaper, Pumpkin King, and Ghastly Lich
  • Replace the main menu panorama with a Halloween/Fall themed alternative.
  • Add in Halloween-themed music in the Minecraft style that will play on certain nights
  • Something related to Trick-or-Treating
  • Spiders are Halloween related, right? What about a mod that adds in a giant Spider boss in a web-infested cave deep in the ground?
  • Mechanic/system that allows you to construct a maze (think: Corn Maze) and reward players for finishing it

Where can I sign up?

Unlike past ModFest events, we aren't doing sign ups! Just make your mod within the time and submit it at the end via our Discord server (more instructions on how that works will come later, make sure to join our Discord server for updates).

Also, definitely come check out our Discord server if you want to see previews of the mods people are working on or are just curious about ModFest in general. Feel free to chat, lurk, ask questions, or participate in FallFest 1.16.