ModFest 1.15 Entries

Make sure to check out the awesome ModFest 1.15 entries yourself by using the ModFest 1.15 Modpack!

Greenstone Circuits by Forkk and AppleTheGolden

A basic computer mod with a reverse Polish notation language.

Gravestones by Geometrically

A gravestones mod for fabric with tons of config options, an API, and more!

Mechanized by Snakefangox

Automate and mess around with a variety of unique steam powered machines and tools. Or just make a really cool trampoline.

Salts Mills by Chocohead

Re-imagines the limitations posed by the traditional mod world by expanding out from a mod as a jar containing assets system, to an asset as a mod containing a jar system. Each mod is now it's own experience, with its own feelings and emotions. Also really damn noisy so you best turn down your sound if you listen to them.

element cycle by Michael

Adds magic blocks to repair iron tools.

Funky Forcefields by comp500

Adds forcefields that allow you to stop your enemies and protect yourself from mobs!

Crimson by Valoeghese, Criscubed, thxmpin, and Waterpicker

Adds a dangerous new crimson biome linked to a system of crafting magic devices from imbued gemstones.

Kevlar by Earthcomputer and Azteched

Early to mid game tech mod.

Azuma by Ljime and Draylar

Our mod adds a special crafting system powered by a magical energy alongside several useful utility items and tools.

YUNG's Better Mineshafts by YUNGNICKYOUNG

An abandoned mineshaft overhaul!

Captchalogue Sylladex by immibis

Makes it painful to use your inventory.

Unfortunately by quat

The Fortune Teller villager peers into their crystal ball and tells you what happens in your future... for a small fee, of course. Some outcomes are good. Some outcomes are bad. Maybe you'll regret asking.

Metal Supply by Reoseah

Adds Crank and Grinder inspired by Applied Energistics' Grindstone, and 5 new metals: lead, tin, copper, silver and bronze.

Reichenbach by Coded, Lakmatiol, Yerti, and Least Reality

Inspired by Satisfactory & Factorio, Reichenbach aims to distance itself from usual tech mods through interesting crafting mechanics & machinery.

Underpowered by abecderic

Tech mod centered around creating and using a powerful resource called Unobtainium.

Cornflower by JoeZwet, Chriss, and SovietPropaganda

Item transportation via magic.

Composing by B0undarybreaker, Martmists, PK Anti, and NuclearFarts

Adds a system to power up tools, weapons, armor, and trinkets by composing them with elemental crystals.

Campanion by NeusFear, Wyn Price, and Prospector

Campanion is a drop in and play solution to the nomadic lifestyle for Minecraft. The mod adds various decoration and utility items that are guaranteed to liven up your Minecraft world. The goal of Campanion was to create a themed mod that adds all kinds of features that we wanted in the game or otherwise we believe should be in the game anyway.

Lint by hydos and ramidzkh

Adds a new dimension to explore. accessed through an "Adventure Transformer".

Esther by Haven King

Adds spells that can be cast by typing incantations in the chat.

The Blue by rypofalem

Adds a fishing net block to passively generate fishing loot.

Enchanter's Experiments by Juuz

Enchanter's Experiments adds a bunch of new experimental enchantments that can be found in magic gifts.

Tenor by vini

Immersive wiring and basic tooling for the modern Minecrafter.

Dihydrogen Monoxide Reloaded by CoolMan

Changes water physics.

Drones by 2xsaiko

Adds remote-controllable drones with camera.

Capybara Commune by mjart, marjoleinkaal, and FireFlyForLife

A Mod which adds the amazing animal 'the Capybara' which chills out all aggressive mobs.

Net Weight by UpcraftLP

An (In)Complete Fishing Overhaul.

"There's a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot."
- Steven Wright

ArchCreatia by robotmonkey1000

A magic mod based on production and enhancing abilities.

Simple Accessories by rjmunhoz

It adds accessories that give you the same effects as some potions, but lasting longer.

RelicCraft by TheBrokenRail

This mod adds several magical items and blocks that can be found randomly throughout the world.

TacoCraft by ffrann

Adds tacos to Minecraft!

CrystalModifiers by Maowcraft

Harness the power of new naturally spawning crystals to apply potion effects to you and your enemies in a more strategy-oriented, quick, and reliable method.

Little Rocket Man by Yoghurt4C

Little Rocket Man is a mod that adds Gnome Chompski into the world of minecraft. His mission is to reach space by any means necessary... Your mission is to help him with that.

Chunk In A Globe by modmuss50

Chunk in a globe that you can enter.

Lil' Tater (Rewrite) by VatuuKomalia

Adds lil' taters to the game. Crucial for any modded instance.

Overgrown Cities by TelepathicGrunt, SuperCoder, and Halotroop

Creates a new dimension with an old decaying city hidden among the overgrown wilderness with an Abandoned Warehouse in the Overworld to let you enter it!

Offshore Plus by trewghil

Adds more cool stuff to the ocean.

Vantacine by haykam and Spaceman

Improves the Nether through miscellaneous additions that bring together utility, decoration, and fun.

ExtraDetectors by ExtraCrafTX

Adds a weather detector similar to clock.